(SOLD OUT) Key Dealer "Hard Hat" Tiller Tines (Set of 16)
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(4/12/17) KD Hard Hat Hardfaced Tine Sets are temporarily out of stock. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please check back soon. You can also email us to be placed on a waiting list. Our best-selling Standard Tiller Tine Sets are still available.


If you have very hard and/or rocky soil, invest in original KD HARD HAT Tiller Tines

How can the famous KD Replacement Tiller Tines get any tougher? Hardfacing! Our KD HARD HAT series Replacement Tines are even MORE durable & longer lasting than our world-famous Standard Times. We start with genuine KD 6mm thick, long wearing tines and further strengthen them with our exclusive Hardfacing process. This results in thicker, hardened edges perfect for hard or rocky soils, with long-lasting performance that serious gardeners appreciate.

• Thick, 6 mm forged steel construction is up to
   20% thicker than other replacement tiller tines.

• Original two-hole attachment for added strength

• New zinc-coated hardware with locking washers

• Easy step-by-step installation with basic tools

• Guaranteed for life against breakage!

  • Item #: KD-1254C

(SOLD OUT) Key Dealer "Hard Hat" Tiller Tines (Set of 16)

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