KD core plug aerator tines and tines sets
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Genuine KD core plug aerator tines will fit all KD brand core plug aerators.  They are also perfect fit replacement tines that will fit Trac Vac, Smith and Feldman core plug aerators. 

They may also fit your brand - 4 3/4" long with a 5 degree rake, 1/4" bolt holes 15/16" on center.

Don’t be fooled by imitations on the market. Our tines are heat treated, painted black (not raw steel), the correct length and have the exact degree of rake to work as designed on the above branded core plug aerators. 

Available as singles and in sets of 24, 32, 48 and 64.


Also ask us about KD Aerators and Hiller-Furrowers.


  • Item #: KDAT64

Original KD Aerator Tine Set of 64

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